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Manufacturer Name: 9th Level Games
Active / in Operations: ?
Web Site: http://www.9thlevel.com/
Address: n.a.
Information: From http://www.gamegrene.com:
9th Level Games started out as an attempt to make and market a Fantasy RPG that would compete with D&D. The market had gotten really saturated with non-fantasy games, and players were chomping at the bit for a quick and easy fantasy system, that was really scalable. At Origins 1999, 9th Level Games demo'ed a FRPG product called "Adventure! The W¸rlde of Kroson" with a free give-away game called "In the Company of Rats". About 50 people played that game and loved it, and they were flying high when it was announced that D&D 3rd Edition was coming in at GENCON 2000. While drowning their sorrows in Martini's and Guinness Stout, they got into a bragging match with another game company. The other group was complaining that 9th Level Games was able to get 50 people to play a game that no one ever heard about. In their drunkenness, they made a bet that they could make a game for GENCON that year (less than 1 month away) that would have people lining up to play. The result was a mad scramble to put together "Kobolds Ate My Baby!"

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