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Magnificent Egos

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Manufacturer Name: Magnificent Egos
Active / in Operations: No (active until 2009)
Web Site: not more active; acquired 1999 by Valiant Enterprises
Address: former: Allen, TX, USA
Information: "Our goal is to create limited edition miniatures for fantasy enthusiasts that ignite the imagination." ---- Magnificent Egos produces figures of unique character and appearance to stimulate customers’ imaginations and provide alternative choices to the more generic lines produced for RPGs and Wargames. We accomplishes this by combining highly-experienced miniature hobbyist with artists at the top of their field and some of the industry’s most respected sculptors. We also cultivates new artists and sculptors who show promise in order to ensure the continual generation of fresh ideas. Magnificent Egos does not produce a war game with huge groupings of similar units. Nor do we produce generic figures for use as archetypes, placeholders or basic troops. Each of our figures will be unique with a character all its own. The concept drawings are created based on personality sketches. The sculptor then uses the art and description to ensure that each individual is brought to life in a unique fashion.

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